Hazardous Beauty by Fauzan Omar


05 Apr 2017 to 01 May 2017


11am – 7pm


RT01 Sixth Floor, The Gardens Mall, 59200, Kuala Lumpur


+6 0322828323

The perennial haze will come to blight Malaysia's atmosphere again in the coming months.  The haze problem makes us all vulnerable and brings a disastrous effect to the environment and wildlife. In spite of all the negativity that the haze brings us, Fauzan believes that there is a certain aesthetic element to it.


The artist believes that the haze phenomenon offers a certain degree of aesthetic insight. He questions whether the charred remains of trees and the scorched landscape, can be considered as "aesthetic artefacts" if placed in an art gallery. In his latest body of work, Fauzan aims to create a discourse on the changing landscape we live in today. That is to stimulate positive change, initiate dialogue, generate awareness and appreciation of the importance of conservation.


Layered monochromatic paintings, depicting a repeating motif of leaves, covered in a gray wash which represents the haze blanketing the trees. Although minimal in colour, the paintings bear a deep meaning. Black symbolises the trees turning to charcoal as they burn, white representing sparseness, death and the colour of burial shrouds.

The artworks range in size from 25cm by 25cm to 153cm by 122cm and include the medium of acrylic on canvas, burnt timber and other wood works.