Bayu's residency artists

24 Apr 2019 to 29 Apr 2019

ARES: The Graduation Show is a group exhibiton featuring five artists who have completed a six month residency program at the HOM Art Trans gallery in the past year. The artists are Joy Ng, Wong Ming Hao, Arikwibowo Amril, Sze Lin Liew and Alvin Lau.

The exhibition is said to feature over 30 artworks showcasing the various styles and themes of the artists. The works of leading Malaysian contemporary artist and ARES program director will also be displayed in the exhibiton.

The opening reception is on April 24 from 3.30pm.


17 Apr 2019 to 18 Sep 2019

Pusaka is a group exhibiton featuring 13 Malaysian artists; Ahmad Fuad Osman, Azizan Paiman, Bibi Chew, Chong Kim Chiew, Dain Iskandar Said, Haris Abadi, Hayati Mokhtar, Jamil Zakaria, Lisa Foo, Sharmiza Abu Hassan and Umibaizurah [email protected].

The installations presented are said to highlight our heritage through the lens of our nation's socioeconomic development.

The opening reception is on April 17 at 3pm.

Chen Wen Hsi's Residence

12 Apr 2019 to 03 May 2019

Homecoming Chen Wen Hsi @ Kingsmead is a solo exhibition featuring the works of Singaporean pioneer artist.

This landmark exhibition aims to connect audience with the lived world of Singapore pioneer master Chen Wen Hsi. 5 Kingsmead Road is the only private residence that has been marked as a historic site under two categories by the National Heritage Board, specifically culture and community, and art.


14 Mar 2019 to 06 Apr 2019

Superfold is a solo exhibiton by Thai artist, Tawatchai Puntusawasdi.

The exhibiton will feature a variety of drawings and sculptures. It is said that Puntusawasdi’s sculptures skew our perception of volume, space and time to manifest an ephemeral reality, capturing a state of transition in-between time, provoking the viewer to consider alternative states of being.

Life is Wonderful

27 Mar 2019 to 10 Apr 2019

Life is Wonderful is the second solo exhibiton by Malaysian artist Fawwaz Sukri.

The works feature renditions of cartoon characters that are said to reflect society and the people surrounding the artist.

Despite the bright and vivid colour scheme, the works are said to have underlying messages about politics, love and life.

View the online catalogue here.

Your Past is My Future

29 Mar 2019 to 31 Mar 2019

Your past is my future is a solo exhibition by Thai contemporary artist, Natee Utarit.

Comprising seven oil paintings, the exhibition will be held as part of Richard Koh Fine Art's participation in Art Basel Hong Kong.

The works are said to be a continuation of Utarit's investigation of the relationship between Europian colonialism and Southeast Asian culture.

Previous works from this investigation saw Utarit shifting attention towards Western influences on style and art in Southeast Asia. The new works explore common aspects of different cultures.

The Way Forward

23 Mar 2019

Suma Orientalis gallery will be organising an art talk discussing the future of photography.

The panelists are Malaysian photographers Ariff Awaluddin, Eric Peris, Soraya Yusof Talismail and award-winning Malaysian film director U-Wei Haji Saari.



Figurative show

02 Mar 2019 to 13 Mar 2019

Human Being is a group exhibition featuring 26 Malaysian figurative artists. Some of which are members of the figurative art collective, The F Klub.

The artists are Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Amron Omar, Arif Fauzan, Bayu Utomo Radjikin, Fadilah Karim, Fadli Yusof, Faizza, Gan Chin Lee, Gan Tee Sheng, Hazri Shairozi, Hisyamudin Abdullah, Khairuddin Zainudin, Kow Leong Kiang, Lim Kok Teong, Marvin Chan, Nik Shazmie, Raimi Sani, Ruzzeki Harris, Safuan Nasiar, Shahar Koyok, Shia Yih Ying, Siund Tan, Suddin Lappo, Trixie Tan, Yuki Tham, Zaim Durulaman.

Effects of time

01 Mar 2019 to 23 Mar 2019

What A Difference A Day Makes is a solo exhibition by Thai artist, Phatcharaphan Chanthep.

The exhibition will showcase five new watercolour on paper works. They span in size from 38cm by 38cm to 115cm by 146cm.

The works are said to stand as a reminder of the rippling effects of time, as even a seemingly insignificant day can echo large changes in the future.

The opening reception is on March 1 from 5pm to 8pm.

Fighting stereotypes

01 Mar 2019 to 16 Mar 2019

Victress Niche is a group exhibiton featuring nine female Malaysian artists. They are Alexandra Hon, Alicia Lau, Amy Nazira, Eryn, Liew Mei Toong, Raimi Sani, Trixie Tan, Yim Yen Sum and Yuki Tham.

The exhibiton is said to focus on reexamining sylistic cliches that affect women artists, in which they are confined to certain feminine styles or qualities.

The opening reception is on March 1 at 7.30pm.