Lost Motherland

07 Jun 2018 to 30 Jun 2018

Lost Motherland is the title of Thai photographer Ampannee Satoh’s latest exhibition in KL. 

Through her works, Patani-born Satoh is said to raise questions about the concept of homeland, diaspora and the daily lives of migrants.

The gallery’s press release states, “She produces images that draw from her own experiences navigating the particular configurations of neo-liberalism and ultra-nationalism in Patani.”

Oddly Quirky

09 Jun 2018 to 24 Jun 2018

Oddly Quirky is a group exhibition featuring four emerging local artists; Alicia Lau, Low Kuan, Ming Hoong and Viko.

The exhibition is said to focus on the individual style of the artists.  

What draw the works together is the common trait of quirkiness in the compositions.

The works range in size from 13cm by 19cm to 79cm by 239cm and are priced from RM800 to RM6,000.

The show opens on June 9 at 7pm.

Silence Speaks

05 Jun 2018 to 23 Jun 2018

Silence Speaks is the exhibition title of Thai artist Chayanin Kwangkaew’s solo show.

The works are said to be inspired by his contemplation on the connection between man and inanimate objects.

The 12 oil on canvas works range in size from 33cm by 51cm to 200cm by 135cm and are priced from RM2,600 to RM22,000

Cave of the Heart

20 May 2018 to 13 Jun 2018

Cave of the Heart is the title of Indian photographer A. Prathap’s latest exhibition in KL.

The 16 prints feature Malaysian dance guru Datuk Ramli Ibrahim photographed at the majestic Ellora Caves in India. 

The exhibition catalogue states, “The [works] focus on the monumentality of the architecture and the sculptures with legendary dancer Ramli Ibrahim drawing our attention to the human inspiration [that is] immortalised in stone.”

Deeper in Still Life

01 Jun 2018 to 10 Jun 2018

Deeper in Still Life is the title of Thai artist, Phattharakorn Sing Tong’s latest exhibition.


It is said that Phattharakorn “searches for veracity permeated around him” by using drawing as a method of study.



01 Jun 2018 to 10 Jun 2018

Cenderawasih is the title of Malaysian artist Fong Kim Sing’s latest exhibition.

The exhibition comprises Fong's batik paintings of the "cenderawasih", known in English as the Bird of Paradise. 

The gallery's press release states that, "Malay folklore depicts the bird as the guardian of a holy jewel in kayangan (heaven). Cenderawasih falls to Earth when it takes its last breath. It is said that whoever finds the bird on Earth, is granted mystical power, success and fortune."

Shining light on injustice

07 Jun 2018 to 19 Aug 2018

Ravaged is the title of Malaysian artist Nadiah Bamadhaj’s latest exhibition.

The six works combine her collage and charcoal drawings with photographs by Indonesian photojournalist Dwi Oblo.

The portraits are of individuals who were interviewed by Bamadhaj at a shelter in Indonesia for trans and cisgender people called the Yogyakarta’s Transgender Extended Family, where she has worked as a volunteer since 2016.

Each portrait hovers above photographs capturing particular moments, some dramatic and others serene, in the everyday lives of her subjects.

Flesh matters

14 Jul 2018 to 22 Jul 2018

Flesh Matters is the title of the latest solo exhibition by Wong Keen, touted as one of Singapore’s leading second-generation artists.

Organised by The Culture Story art salon and Artcommune Gallery, the exhibition comprises over 40 new works from Wong’s Flesh series.

According to a press release, Flesh is considered “one of the most accomplished series in Wong’s painted oeuvre over 50 years.”

The works range in medium from acrylic on canvas or paper to mixed media collage.

Buddhist art for charity

26 May 2018 to 29 May 2018

The Buddhist Art Exhibition features works by Nepali monk and artist, Bhikkhu Uttamo, 32.

The sale of his art pieces is to raise funds to restore the stupas that were damaged during the Kathmandu Earthquake.

The oil canvas works range in size from 21cm by 30cm to 122cm by 107cm.

The show opens on May 26 at 9am.

Prices will be revealed at the launch.