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Remembering Michael Sullivan

24 March 2017
Sabapathy: I bid Michael Sullivan adieu. I also salute a wonderful guru who introduced me to the world of art. Photo courtesy of Patricia Chen



Distinguished Southeast Asian art historian T K Sabapathy remembers his late lecturer, Michael Sullivan, a pioneer in the field of art history in the region.

When can auctioneers reopen the bid?

24 March 2017

This article is published with the permission of the author. 

We’ve argued a somewhat strict interpretation (practicing our textualism?) of the UCC § 2-328 and the limited right the auctioneer has to reopen the bid. Today, we expose that we are not hardly alone in this assertion.

Every auction lawsuit: Perception vs. Reality

16 March 2017

This article is published with the permission of the author.

 Instead of winning or losing court cases, stay out of court altogether.


We’ve consulted in dozens of auction-related cases (litigation) since 2010. It’s not unusual for my phone to ring three-four times a week asking for my opinion on some auction procedure, practice or strategy.

Zhang Daqian's splashed ink landscape leads Sotheby's HK sale

15 March 2017

According to a press release by Sotheby's, C.K. Cheung, Sotheby’s head of chinese paintings department said: “This spring, we are pleased to present significant works in considered thematic sections that reflect the department’s meticulous sourcing approach. Not only do these groupings emphasise each work’s intrinsic artistic value, they also put into context the artists’ relationships and place in the wider art world, as well as his or her artistic orientation.

Georgette Chen and Le Pho at Sotheby's HK Spring Sale

15 March 2017

According to a press release by Sotheby's, Mok Kim Chuan, Sotheby’s head of modern and contemporary southeast asian art said: “This spring, through our global network and long-established trust with connoisseurs, we are honoured to bring to the market exceptional and sought after rarities in our Evening Sale from masters such as Le Pho and Georgette Chen which are illustrative of Southeast Asia’s artistic triumphs. We continue to be encouraged by a vigorous and healthy market that is also supported by the emergence of new artists at auction, notably from Malaysia this season.

Maturing art market

10 March 2017
(From left) The Edge chief commercial officer Sharon Teh, Ho Kong Soon, Datuk Lee Tian Hock, Ho Kay Tat, The Edge Galerie managing director Au Foong Yee and The Edge Galerie general manager Johnni Wong 


Masters of the abstract

24 February 2017
Latiff Mohidin’s "Lahar III" (2000) illustrates an intense volcanic eruption executed at its finest.


Paintings by revered Malaysian artists, namely the late Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal, Datuk Ibrahim Hussein, Latiff Mohidin and Jolly Koh will be featured at The Edge Auction on March 5.

Top Guns in Malaysian Art

23 February 2017

Time : 11am-7pm, Feb 23-March 3; 11am-3pm, March 4 . The gallery is closed on Mondays and public holidays.

Date : 23-Feb-2017 - 04-Feb-2017

G5-G6 Mont'Kiara Meridin
19, Jalan Duta Kiara, Mont'Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Website :

Contact : 03-6419 0102

Is bidding at auction a privilege or right?

20 February 2017

This article is published with the permission of the author.

The bidder earns the right to bid and has a duty to adhere to the terms and conditions in the "registration" contract.


It has been said that bidding at auction is a privilege and necessarily not a right. I would argue maybe privilege and right are transposed in the above intriguing claim.

Contemporary art that stands the test of time

10 February 2017
Jalaini Abu Hassan’s Alam Benda (1983) watercolour on paper is an early precursor to the tonal quality found in his later series of bitumen works experimented by the artist during his New York stint