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Fair game

20 August 2018

Regional art fair battle looms despite slow market conditions

The art fair business in Jakarta seems to be on an even keel following the recent conclusion of Art Jakarta. But this could be the lull before the storm that will break out next year when a new fair arrives on the scene, the possible resurrection of a rival show, and another event in the offing.

Singapore to get two new art fairs – can Art SG and SEA Focus succeed where others have failed?

26 July 2018

The Lion City is perfectly placed to attract Southeast Asian art collectors, but it has proved a tough market to crack


Will Singapore’s art market get its “Hong Kong moment” next year? The city’s art community hopes so. It wants to replicate Hong Kong’s success following an announcement that the co-founders of Art HK are to launch a Singapore art fair along with Art Basel’s owner, Switzerland’s MCH Group.

A Centenary Celebration of Hendra Gunawan

25 July 2018

Indonesian company Ciputra Artpreuner will host two exhibitions in Jakarta as part of their art programme, 100 Years Hendra Gunawan - A Centenary Celebration. The programme commemorates Hendra’s 100th birth anniversary and will be in tandem with the Art Jakarta fair at the Pacific Place mall from Aug 2-5.

Entitled, Hendra Gunawan: Prisoner of Hope and Spektrum Hendra Gunawan, the exhibitions will open on Aug 5 at the Ciputra Museum and the Ciputra Gallery, respectively.


Are we as auctioneers too difficult to understand?

24 July 2018

This question gets asked every so often … are we as auctioneers talking too fast? Are we too difficult to understand? The current National Auctioneers Association President Tim Mast even brought this issue up recently.

It’s a good question with an easy answer — if our bidders can’t understand us, they likely won’t bid.

The entire purpose of all this fast talking (bid calling) is to communicate basically two numbers: the have and the want in a quick, efficient, rhythmic, entertaining and understandable fashion.

The End of Exhibitions?

20 July 2018

As Attendance Plummets, New York Dealers Are Scrambling to Secure the Future of the Art Gallery

To lure the public back into art galleries, dealers are banding together and adopting vintage tactics like the old-fashioned gallery walk.


No auctioneer licensing so anything goes?

16 July 2018

We tend to hear this argument somewhat regularly: “There is no auctioneer licensing in that state, so anything goes …” In other words, there are no laws or rules which apply to an auctioneer in a non-license state.