Georgette Chen

1906 – 1993
Zhejiang province, China

1937 | Palace of Painting as part of the Paris World Fair Women Painters Exhibition




1982 | Singapore Cultural Medallion



1926 | Art Students of League, New York


Later, she returned to Paris and studied at the Académie Colarossi and Académie Biloul there.


  • Born Chang Li Ying, she is one of the pioneer artists of Singapore, being one of the group of artists who established the Nanyang art style of painting in Singapore. This style was characterised by its hybrid art form, incorporating Asian themes and Western ideas and techniques.
  • She began teaching art part time at the Nanyang Academy of Arts in 1954, until 1980.
  • During the 1930’s and 1940’s, she produced many still-life portraits and paintings of her husband, Eugene Chen.
  • After her husband passed away in 1944, she remarried, and moved back to Paris in 1949 with her second husband, Ho Yung Chi. There, she exhibited at the Salon d’ Automne and the Galerie La Licorne.
  • Consequently, in 1952, they moved to Penang. She later moved to Singapore in 1953 after divorcing Ho. She then exhibited her work in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce (1953) and the Singapore Art Society (1954)
  • Her paintings from 1951 onwards are said to display her maturity as an artist.
  • Her artwork has largely been classified into three periods:


–          French Period (1927-1933)

–          Hong King Period (1934-1948)

–          Penang & Singapore Period (1949-1980)



2015 Apr | Christie’s Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art | Self-Portrait | Undated | Oil on wood (27cm x 35cm), USD $384,800

2014 Oct | Christie’s Southeast Asian Modern & Contemporary Art| Batu Feringghi | Undated | Oil on canvas (72.5cm x 60), USD $254,800

2014 Apr | Christie’s Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art | Paysage De Chine Avec Sampans (China Landscape with Sampans) | c.1950 | Oil on canvas (92cm x 92cm), USD $329,983

2013 Oct | Christie’s Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art | Lotus Symphony | 1962 | Oil on canvas (58cm x 144cm), USD $1,181,264