10,000 Mosquito Hearts


27 Jan 2019 to 17 Feb 2019


11am-7pm, Tues-Sat (Sunday, with prior appointment)


OUR ArtProjects @ The Zhongshan Building,

80 Jalan Rotan, off Jalan Kampung Attap, 50460 Kuala Lumpur


[email protected] or 03-2276 2624

10,000 Mosquito Hearts is a solo exhibition by Malaysian artist Foo May Lyn.

Comprising works based on the fabled Malay legend of Puteri Gunung Ledang, the exhibition is said to be the artist’s attempt at fulfilling the demands that the Princess gave to Sultan Mahmud Shah, who sought her hand in marriage:


A bridge of gold and silver that spanned from Malacca to Mount Ophir;
seven trays of mosquito hearts;
seven trays of midges’ hearts;
a vat of the juice of young betel nuts;
a vat of the tears of virgin maidens;
a cup of the Sultan's blood, and
a cup of his son's blood.


The works, ranging in size from 28.5cm x 21cm to 78cm x 109cm, are said to take into account the perspective of the lay people whose labour would have been required to fulfill the Sultan’s desires.


The exhibition is curated by fellow artist Sharon Chin.