Interpretations of people


20 Jan 2019 to 03 Feb 2019


Weekends, 10am-6pm; Weekdays with prior appointment


Rimbun Dahan,

Km 27 (entrance before Lorong Belimbing), Jalan Kuang 48050 Kuang, Selangor


[email protected] or 017 727 7137

You Belong to Night & Rojak Aesthetics are the titles of solo exhibitions by Malaysian artists Chuah Shu Ruei and Wong Xiang Yi.

The exhibitions will showcase works produced by the artists during their time in the Rimbun Dahan residency.

Wong is said to have brought a fresh take to ink painting by experimenting with materials such as canvas, gold paper and batik. She is said to identify its patterns as a language expressing people’s observations, imaginations and thoughts about nature.

Chuah gathers data and input from the everyday lives and realities of the communities that she engages with. The works featured in the exhibition comprise four installations. The installations are said to be a culmination of a two-years’ worth of exploring “the ideas of multiculturalism, interconnection, collective authorship/ownership, ever-changing composition and the relations between centre/periphery and art/craft”.

The exhibition opens to the public on Jan 20.