Unparalleled Eye


08 Sep 2017 to 22 Sep 2017


11am-5pm, Mon-Sat​ (closed on public holidays)​


G13 Gallery, GL13, Ground Floor, Block B, Kelana Square, SS7/26 Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya​


03-7880 0991

Unparalleled Eye Beyond Sight refers to a ​joint-exhibition ​by young artists, Aimi Atikah and Nik Mohd Shahfiz.
Both artists use metaphors and symbolism in their story-telling to create meaning based on their experiences.

​​This exhibition showcases 10 ​recent works​ on canvas​ which revolves around the idea on how​ they​ reach their conclusion ​based o​n​ their observation at a different time frame and space​.

Prices of the works range from RM​4,500 to RM8,800. Sizes are from 152.5cm by 122cm to 244cm by 153cm.